Inka and Wiebke Eberhardt present Research Results

Inka Eberhardt and Wiebke Eberhardt presented research results on pension communication and savings decisions at the "Financial Literacy and Pension related Communication for better Retirement and Long-term Financial Decisions" Mopact International Workshop in Turin (Italy).

Wiebke Eberhardt presents at SABE/IAREP Conference

Wiebke Eberhardt presented research results on the Retirement Belief Model at the "Behavioural Insights in Research and Policy Making" SABE/IAREP Conference in Wageningen (Netherlands). The joint research with Lisa Brüggen and Thomas Post demonstrates how psychographic information can be used to segment pension plan participants and how pension communication can be adapted to the segments.

Thomas Post presents at KPS

Today, pension communication researcher Thomas Post presented research results on improving pension communication and engaging pension plan participants at the summer meeting of KPS.

Our team presents at SERVSIG

Pension communication researchers Wiebke Eberhardt and Pieter Verhallen presented research results on framing and peer effects at the SERVSIG 2016 conference in Maastricht. The joint research with Lisa Brüggen, Thomas Post, and Chantal Hoet illustrates the power of framing information and using peer effects in order to engage participants.