Thomas Post presents at NEST Insights Conference

Thomas Post gave a talk at the NEST Insights Conference on "Why pension plan participants are not (enough) engaged in retirement planning."

Lisa Bruggen presents at "Frontiers in Service" Conference

Lisa Brüggen presented her paper "Financial Well-Being: A Conceptualization and Research Agenda" at the "Frontiers in Service" Conference in New York, which took place from June 22-25, 2017

Thomas Post presents at BISS

Thomas Post gave a talk at the BISS Artificial Intelligence lecture on "Is Theory Dead? Using Big Data for Helping Consumers to Make Sound Financial Decisions."

Wiebke Eberhardt presents at EMAC

Pension communication researcher Wiebke Eberhardt presented research results on framing at the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Annual Conference. The joint research with Lisa Brüggen, Thomas Post, and Chantal Hoet illustrates the power of framing information in order to engage participants.