New Netspar Design Paper on Framing Pension Communication

Our team has published a Netspar Design Paper on framing pension communication.

Pieter Verhallen Presents Research Results

Pieter Verhallen presented research results on pension communication and peer effects at the Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making.

Maasdal seminar

Lisa Br├╝ggen moderated the 17th Maasdalseminar on "digital (pensionfund) communication", taking place at the AZL headquarter in Heerlen. Around 80 pension specialists gathered to listen to the four speakers from different backgrounds, to hear law students comment and challenge the speakers, and to engage in interesting discussions on how to make pension funds ready for the digital age.

Science accessibly explained

Each year new scientific publications appear that could help substantially in improving pension communication practice - but unfortunately scientific journals often do not attract a wider audience. Together with wijzer in geldzaken we try to change that...