We believe a participant centric organization is the key to success. Our mission is to generate evidence-based insights to create innovative pension solutions that put participants central, enable them to understand their pensions and facilitate retirement planning.


The pension industry is facing a rapidly changing environment. Increasing longevity, volatile stock returns, and low interest rates threaten the financial sustainability of pension schemes. At the same time, plans move from defined benefit to collective or individual defined contribution schemes. Pension plan participants are confronted with decreased pension benefits, and with more choice and responsibility for building up wealth for future income. Many if not most participants struggle in figuring out how to tackle the retirement financial planning challenge and often shy away from taking action.

To be successful, pension funds should design their organization, processes, products, and communication according to match their participants' specific needs. We combine the strengths and insights from research in communication, consumer behavior, behavioral economics, and pension finance. We conduct fundamental as well as applied research projects based on qualitative interviews, lab and field experiments, surveys, and administrative data. Moreover, we share our knowledge in workshops, roundtables, and executive trainings.

Below you can find more information on the topics and projects we work on.